What does UK Metals do ?

We pay equivalent prices to your local scrap yards and we pay direct into your bank account within 5 working days from a collection (we say within 5 working days, to allow us to sort & grade your materials to achieve the best prices for you)
We also issue you with a self-bill invoice, again saving you time.
We provide a service to save you downtime and a journey to the scrap yards
We will provide a Red Wheelie bin (free of charge and no contracts) for you to fill with your Electrical & Plumbing scrap metal waste. Hassle free and no sorting for you.
Once a month (or more often if required) we will empty the contents of your bin into a dumpy bag (photograph, labelled and marked), take it back to our yard for grading and weighing. A Waste Transfer Note and a photo of your materials will be emailed to you following your collection.
We are fully licensed with The Environment Agency and relevant Authorities.
Recommend a lead
We have a referral system in place, so when someone
recommends a new customer to us and they Sign Up,
once we have completed our first scrap collection from
the new customer, we will send you a £20 gift card as a reward.
Use one of the referrals forms below to claim your reward.

Minimum effort to receive money for your scrap.

Free Phone - 0800 772 0368

Where are we?
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UK Metals SW Ltd
Maddacombe Road
Newton Abbot
TQ12 5LF

Freephone: 0800 772 0368
Operations Manager: 07860 604163
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